Here We Go!

Well, here is the first of what I hope to be many posts.  I have absolutely no idea what I am doing!  I guess if you don't try, you will never learn - so I will just start and see where I end up. I have another site that I…

Still A Work In Progress…..

Still trying to figure out the whole wordpress thing.  I have some of the basics on how to enter content, but not how to design the look of the site.  For now, I will just stick with the theme I have and how it looks.  Maybe down the road I…

My Practice Site

Tammi Escalle


I am a planner – I plan everything.  I make lists and keep calendars and use checklists and sticky notes.  Anything I can do to stay organized and keep my days, weeks, months and more importantly, my life moving in the direction I want.  I am constantly taking classes on life planning, goal setting, time management, productivity and overall organization.

I am a single parent with several kids (not all mine biologically or even legally – but I consider them my kids anyway) with a job in real estate that requires me to be very organized with my time and my work space.  I don’t alway achieve it, but it is sure fun finding new ways to try to make it happen!

My desire with this site is just to have a place to put everything I have learned and share my passion for whoever wants to read it.  I like creating different forms and checklist sheets to help stay organized and help me plan – I will share all of those as well.

I really hope to have anyone who takes the time to read this site, will share their thoughts, experiences, tips and tricks as well!  I am really excited to hear from and get to know other people who share my passion!

Thanks for visiting my site!

Tammi Escalle